Can reDRESS really help me?

abstract image with text :How to feel better every dayCan reDRESS really help me?

Hello amazing women,

I am sitting here writing the copy for reDRESS which is the Working Frocks private members group. (For more information about reDRESS check out the reDRESS about page) I am writing about why you should join us, why I’m passionate about you joining us and the change in your life that can and will happen as a result of you being in the group.

But here’s the thing.  As I write, I doubt. And I panic slightly.  Why is that?

My eyes are a bit tired and puffy (it’s early morning), the day is ahead of me but I feel tired already (hello teenager returning home at 00:45am and slamming front door), I have a day full of work and very little ‘fun’, and all the problems in my life have all hit my brain at the same time.

I am wondering if there is an escape route, and it’s only 6:43am.

This is why I doubt. It seems like there is a massive wave of troubles, problems and issues coming my way any minute now.

In the face of that massive wave why would it matter what I wear?
That is the question I constantly ask myself.

Why does it matter if I make the effort to wear the pink wool skirt, black top and matching pink wool poncho? Rather than my workout gear?

And yet it does matter.  I know it matters.  And the clients I’ve dressed over the years have had that realisation too.  The light went on in their brains when they realised how great they felt in clothes they truly loved.

It’s such an easy concept isn’t it.

You feel great when you look great and wear something that makes you feel wonderful.

And we ignore it so often when it could be one of our best tools to create a life that we want and love.

Getting dressed each day is a noble act. We clothe ourselves for the day and address the day with  confidence. Knowing that we matter. Knowing that in this one day we can add value, we can love, we can encourage and we can participate.

So what you wear performs two functions:

It signals to the world that you are ready, prepared and serious about the day, and

It puts you in the right frame of mind to be ready to tackle the day.

So, getting dressed each day is actually an inner and an outer work on ourselves.

Getting dressed each day shouldn’t be a haphazard act.  It shouldn’t be a question of grabbing what’s available, or clean. Or of picking up your clothes from off the floor and thinking they will do for another day. Or of just wearing what you can fit into, and ignoring the other 80% of your clothes because they don’t fit.

I could go on. You know what your personal act of sabotage is.

Self sabotage.  We do it to ourselves all the time. And we let ourselves get away with it. When really we should be nipping it in the bud and putting it back in its place as soon as it springs up.

So what reDRESS will help you with is spotting and dealing with those acts of self sabotage. Those thoughts you have that slowly eke away at your self confidence and self belief.

Why not be the first to know when the doors to reDRESS open in November?  Check out more information about reDRESS here and then click the button at the bottom of the page and add yourself to the waiting list.

We look forward to seeing you in reDRESS very soon.

Have an amazing day. Be kind to yourself,


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