Can I help you? (Part 1) Free Wardrobe Styling Course

I am putting the finishing touches to my new free 5 day course, “How to look amazing for work every day with minimal effort” and want to give you advance warning now that it is coming your way soon.

Are you a busy professional woman juggling everything with little time for yourself?  Or maybe you’ve lost your way style wise and could do with a mini clothes makeover.  Either way, this is the place to be, the place brimming with advice to look good for work every day, with minimum effort and great enjoyment.

And there’s never been a better time to feel and look good about yourself because these days the internet has democratised information and you really can find anything online.  What is now confusing is that we are overloaded with information and our information now needs curating.  And one of my passions is to curate that information for you, to help women like you harness what is available and deliver it, along with my own expertise and experience, to your inbox in bite-sized, easy to achieve chunks.

Enter your name and email in the form at the bottom of the page for advance notice of the course dates and we will be in touch shortly.  Look out for pins on Pinterest and images on Instagram

Once upon a time having a wardrobe stylist come to your house and sort your wardrobe for you was a considerable investment and involved inviting someone you may not have known very well into your personal space.  Well now you can invite me in, but control it on your terms.  Your personal space isn’t invaded, you don’t need to feel vulnerable if you’re shy or even slightly embarrassed about the contents of your wardrobe.  We can sort it all out together and the result is that you will feel differently about your clothes, about what you wear, and this will give you confidence and boost your self esteem.

Now…I’ve helped many women look good and feel good in my couture dress design businesses, in making all different clothes types from bridal wear to lingerie to mother of the bride outfits.  Making any garment for a woman is a very intimate, personal process.  Not only do you have to make the garment and make it beautifully, but you have to address your client’s body shape and also their personal psychology and make that outfit fit them and suit them aswell as the client loving what she is wearing.  I have learnt so much in the last 20 years about dressing well, grooming and clothes psychology.  I haven’t learnt this by reading a fashion magazine and deciding I wanted to be a stylist, I’ve learnt it one garment at a time, one client at a time, making beautiful clothes for amazing women like yourself, with unique bodies, unique needs and unique self images.  I have enabled them to look better and feel really great in what they are wearing and it is this expertise that I am now making available through this free course.

But when I first started out, I wasn’t where I am now.  When I was younger I was very curvy, I still am curvy, but in my twenties the difference between my waist and my hips was so great, it was at least 3 sizes different.  Consequently, even though I wasn’t overweight, I found it really hard to buy clothes in the shops, even though I absolutely loved clothes and shopping, because one particular size never did fit all of me.  I’ve already said that I didn’t have a pair of jeans until well into my twenties, when Levi’s started making more womanly shaped jeans rather than the straight up and down 501s. I found this very alienating because at that stage in my life I wanted to join in, I wanted to be the same, to feel like I belonged.

Now I’m in a different place – over the years my body has evened up, I exercise, I eat well.  I’m still curvy and it’s still a struggle to find clothes in the shops that fit well, but now I know what suits me and I know who I am.

And it all started with understanding that I was never going to look like anyone else, that my personal style is different to a lot of people and that by being myself, by being different, I fit in better.  And that applies to you too.  The goal of this short series is not to conform you to some stereotype capsule wardrobe or convenient uniform, it’s to talk about who you are, why you wear what you wear, what you have in your wardrobe that reflects you, your unique identity.  Then we will be working out a system for you to implement that on a daily basis so that you don’t need to spend unnecessary brain power working out what to wear each day.  That task will already be done, in advance, by you.

Enter your name and email in the form at the bottom of the page for advance notice of the course dates and we will be in touch shortly.  Look out for pins on Pinterest and images on Instagram.

The course will be launching in the next week so keep your eyes out for notification.  We would love you to join us, there’s nothing to lose, only confidence and organisation and peace with yourself to gain.

Have a great day,



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