3 Style Hacks to Rock Autumn

Autumn is a great season and, combined with my passion to help you look and feel your best every day, is a great opportunity to really look amazing and not fall into the trap of wearing black every day from now until March.
Automatically wearing black when the weather drops below bikini weather is an easy mindset to fall into, see my blog on is it every right to wear black tights in July. And I do get it, black tights cover a multitude of sins as does black clothing.
Your mind might also be running a subconscious background script:
1. I don’t matter, what matters is making sure all members of my family get to where they need to go and do what they need to do.
2. I’m too busy at work to worry about what I wear
3. I can’t afford to look good
4. I’ll pay attention to how I look when I’ve lost weight.

Don’t think that because you are busy at work and/or at home and constantly on the run that you can’t, or don’t deserve to, dress well. You can. And I’m here to show you how.

My passion is for women to look good and feel amazing every single day. These 3 style hacks to rock autumn are exactly the small, easy steps you need to make getting dressed well an automatic routine, freeing you up to love what you wear and wear what you love.

So here are 3 style hacks to help you get into the autumn mindset. I think you could achieve all three within the hour, so what’s not to love about that. Are you ready?

1. Style hack 1 – Rotate your Jewellery

Rotate your jewellery and store out of season items.
Remove from your jewellery box/basket/drawer all summer jewellery: white hoop ear-rings, silver and turquoise bangles, blue leather wrap bracelet, fine chains, anything in a summery colour: blue, yellow, pale pink, light green. Store it somewhere that you will find it next Spring. This hack achieves 2 purposes: it prevents you becoming bored with your jewellery and it leaves you to wear more seasonally appropriate items. This should leave you seeing more clearly what you do have to wear and also with items that fit the season better: gold jewellery, stones in autumnal shades, large glass pendants, chunky necklaces, for example I have a purple agate necklace that’s great for Autumn as it’s quite vibrant and looks good with darker colours. Get the message? Rotate and store.

2. Style hack 2 – Think Accessories

To keep it simple and quick you need 3 Autumnal accessories, I suggest: 1, hat; 2. Scarf and; 3. Bag or you can choose your own. They need to be different to what you have been using all summer. The summer items get cleaned and stored away for next year.
These accessories are transitional items, they are not necessarily what you will wear in deepest darkest winter. So the scarf could be a wool scarf or even silk if it’s autumnal in colour, it probably won’t be cotton or linen as they are summer fabrics. The bag should preferably be in a colour other than black or brown, try silver or a metallic colour, or a dark blue or purple or green. If the hat, scarf and bag coordinate that’s great. The weather might not necessitate a hat and scarf every day, but if you have them ready and to hand then you are prepared. The accessories can be funky and a little fun if you like.

3. Style hack 3 – use black or brown as a base and inject some colour into your wardrobe in an easy way.

It’s fine to use black or brown as a basis for your outfit, but your whole outfit doesn’t have to be black or brown. Black and brown are practical colours to wear, they are easily available as tights and shoes or boots but if, at the very least, you make one item autumnal coloured, you are on your way to looking amazing. For example:
I. Black shoes, black tights, black dress – autumnal coloured cardigan
II. Brown shoes, brown tights, brown dress – autumnal coloured cardigan.
If you can achieve that then your next level would be:
I. Black shoes black tights, autumnal coloured dress, autumnal coloured cardigan/jacket (dress and jacket should be same colour or similar toned)
II. Brown shoes, brown tights, autumnal coloured dress, autumnal colour cardigan/jacket (dress and jacket should be same colour or similar toned)

Cardigans are often more interchangeable than jackets, more versatile and are an easy way to inject colour.

And if you achieve that your final step would be to:
I. Plan 2 outfits similar to above, then you’ve got a weekend’s worth of outfits or at least the next two days’ worth.
II. Plan 5 outfits similar to above, then you’ve got a week’s worth of outfits.

That’s three hacks, really easily done.

So, how was it for you? Did you find that useful? I’d love to know what you think. There was quite a lot of action compressed into those three tips. Which one did you do? Which one did you like best? And which one has changed the way you dress or feel about yourself? I’d love to hear from you. Either comment in the box below or email me at sarah@workingfrocks.com. I read all emails so please get in touch.

Have a great day.

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