Top Tip: Lipsticks

OK, this really isn’t a blog post, more a quick, super useful thought that I am passing on to you.  I have so many lipsticks, most of which sit in a bag by my dressing table.  There is nothing wrong with them but I don’t use them.

Then I put one in the car and discovered that I used it, a lot.  Every time I was in the car, usually rushing, I put some lipgloss on and instantly looked much better groomed.

What a revelation.  So now I have lipsticks in various locations: car, bathroom, kitchen, work desk, entrance hall.  All places where I didn’t have them before.

The trick is to use colours that are not too strong, or even glosses (you know those glosses that come as freebies with magazines) so that you don’t avoid using it because it’s not the right colour.

So that’s it, top tip, use those spare, freebie glosses, or lipsticks that are sitting around, doing nothing.  Put them to good use and place them in the places that you find yourself day to day.  Make it easy for yourself and look amazing in the process

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