Summer Sales – Good Investments – 4 items to buy in the Sales

I look out of the window at the rain and the grey sky, about to recommend that you search out: a good swimsuit; a summer hat; a pair of amazing shoes; and sunglasses, in the tail end of the sales period, all the while rejoicing in the unpredictability of the British weather, predictable in its unpredictability.  We are mid August Bank Holiday, the weather should be great, right?  And it probably  has been great at some point, if not all points.  You just never know.

So, knowing that the sun will come out again, and also knowing that the tail end of the summer sales is upon us, that 70%-off racks are gracing shop floors and computer screens up and down the land in fact all over the known world, here is my advice to you.

Resist anything that is on sale if you haven’t already thought you would want or need it.  So that means tops, skirts, jackets…anything that you see on the sale rail which you are more attracted to because of the price than the garment itself.  It will sit in your cupboard, and either not be worn, or be worn without total enthusiasm.  Life is too short to wear clothes without total enthusiasm.

Instead be targetted and be focussed.  If you are going to spend in the tail end of the summer sales, and there is no obligation on you to do so, you can save your money for the delights of Autumn/Winter which are just around the corner….however if you are hankering after spending a little more money, buy something you love, will look forward to wearing and is also a total bargain.  My list, as you saw above would be: a good swimming costume; a summer hat; a pair of amazing shoes; sunglasses.

A Good Swimming Costume

…by this I mean one with proper support, one in a decent weight fabric, one that fits well and that you love and aren’t buying because it will do.  It could also be slightly daring and make you feel sexy and youngish again, as long as you will wear it.

A Summer Hat

I am missing a summer hat from wardrobe.  I nearly bought a beautiful one at Hampton Court Flower Show, but didn’t, I think I was confused by the choice and hadn’t planned on buying a hat that day.  But they are very useful and if chosen carefully can enhance your outfit rather than make you look like a female scarecrow.  My criteria would be small brim(easy to wear on a daily basis), good weight straw, foldable, in a neutral colour so you can wear it with everything.

Amazing Shoes

Do you remember that pair of shoes that you loved, in lime green leather with a leopard skin heel, but you bought them in navy instead?  Those!  Go back and get them.  I’m talking shoes you love but couldn’t justify the cost per wear.  Well, with that discount now you can.  And you’ll wear them loads, because you love them.


Given that sunglasses get lost, broken, or stolen on a regular basis, it can be hard to justify buying expensive ones.  What I’ve discovered about cheap ones, though, is that you can’t see out.  They might conform to EU regulations on UV, but that’s because they’re opaque.   Get some great ones now at a a bargain price and hang on to them for next year.  It will come round soon enough.

All we need now is a bit of sunshine….




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