Insta Wardrobe Fundamentals: How to 3: Look your best every day and boost your self esteem

look your best every day and boost your self esteem
How to look your best every day and boost your self esteem

How to look your best every day

Is there a secret to how to look your best every day?  We all have those days where everything seems wonderful: we look good, we fit into our clothes which look great on us, our hair looks amazing.  We sail into work and have a great day, get home, sort the family out, and organise supper.  The husband comes home and we have a glass of wine and reflect on what a great day we’ve had. (Could be any combination of the above.  You don’t need that particular list in your life for it to be amazing, but it’s good for illustration purposes)

Then we have those other days where we don’t know what to wear, we get dressed but don’t like how we look.  We start to feel out of sorts, a strange nagging feeling turns into a full blown emotional and existential crisis at 7am.  Before you realise what you are doing you find yourself googling alternative career opportunities.  Well, it doesn’t have to be like that.  It is easier than you imagine to look your best every day.  When you do look your best each day you will see that it’s practically a guarantee that you will have a good day.

5 top tips to look your best every day

Here are my top 5 tips if  which teach you how to look your best every day and boost your self esteem.  This are quick tips, designed to arrest a full blown, “my life is not worth living” tantrum.  When you see how to look your best every day you will see how easy it is to take control.  You will see how you look your best by:

  1. Ignoring the critical voice in your head.  Just say, “that’s fine you can carry on with that, I’m getting on with my day” and walk away, mentally from those thoughts.  If you are in an emotional funk in your pyjamas, get dressed.
  2. Doing something kind to yourself.  Have a shower and then use your favourite scented moisturiser.  Wash your hair and blow dry it.  Wear your favourite underwear.
  3. Doing something different.  Wear different jewellery, do you hair a different way, wear a scarf or jacket that you haven’t worn for ages.
  4. Tidying up (dull but terrific, plus cost is zero and result is astronomically good so don’t underestimate it).  Tidy your bedroom.  Or a cupboard.  Maybe the kitchen.  Or your entrance hall.  It’s so great, works every time.  With tidy up I also suggest buy flowers or a scented candle on your way home from work.  Anyway I digress, back to boosting your self esteem through clothes.
  5. Doing something nice for someone else.  So easy to do, but when we’re in an emotional pit, so easy to forget.  Do anything.  Bake a cake, buy a cake, invite someone for coffee, take flowers, or wine.  Stop and chat to someone.

    look your best every day and boost your self esteem
    How to look amazing every day and boost your self esteem

Long term strategies to look your best every day

If you want a long term strategy to look your best every day this is the list that you need:

1. Looking your best – What’s your personal style signifier?

What is your goto item of jewellery or clothing that separaates you out from all your friends.  What is it that you wear that makes you feel like you, makes you feel you have expressed yourself as you really are?  For me, I have a few.  Big rings is one.  I have large, shell rings that I wear nearly all the time in the summer and glass rings/semi precious stone rings that I wear in the winter.  I always wear a ring, just one large one.

Some women wear bangles, some earrings.  Some women always wear a scarf.  Whatever it is, you need one in your wardrobe.  I have written a blog about personal style signifiers here to help you identify yours.  When you are feeling out of sorts personal style signifiers are part of your rescue remedy arsenal.  You wear it, you instantly feel more like you, and you’re well on your way to a great day.

2. Looking your best – Wear more of your clothes

Wear more of your clothes. Research has shown that women who are depressed or in a rut neglect over 90% of their wardrobe, admitting to wearing less than 10% of it. *  As mentioned above, it seems that when life appears meaningless or confusing, it’s easy to slide down an emotional snake without a ladder to climb back up.

In order to open up your horizons and escape from this narrow world of low self esteem, wear more of your clothes.  Don’t wait until you feel like it, just agree with yourself that you are going to do it, and put different clothes out for you to wear the following morning.

3. Looking your best – Wear colours you like and which suit you

Colour can affect your mood greatly, as we know.  To boost your self esteem and keep it boosted, wear colours which you know you can wear and avoid those colours which you know do not suit you so well.  Try and avoid black unless you are wearing it because you love it.  Wearing black as a cover up or as a way of not making a positive decision about what to wear is a sure fire self esteem destroyer.

4. Looking your best – Wear fitted clothes

Fit, shape and proportion – try to wear fitted clothes that gently sit round your body rather than large drapey clothes that create a larger silhouette than your proportions truly are.  If your self esteem is low baggy clothes will not make you feel great and they will not make you look great either.  So when you look in the mirror you are not going to like what you see.

5. Looking your best – Spend time preparing

Preparation. We know that making a small effort can reap great benefits, but unless you incorporate the really easy tips into your day they will not take effect.  So plan your day in advance.  Plan to wear that personal style signifier, to wear something different from your wardrobe in a good colour and great shape for you.

If you plan it the night before, as I have found so many times, it makes life so much easier the following morning.  My previous post in this series covers being organised and putting together outfits from your wardrobe that you love.  If you haven’t read it already, you can find it here.

Look your best – it comes from within

It’s lovely to receive compliments and encouraging comments can give a positive boost to our day.  However the best encouragement for self esteem comes from within us.  This is because we have to really understand that we have value.  Only each person ultimately can agree on a value for their life.  Don’t wait to feel better about yourself, make the decision today.  My blog shows you really easy steps to take that will make a great difference and boost your self esteem.

Don’t ever believe the lie that everyone else is created to be happy and confident and that you, for some reason, are the only person not created that way.  Choose a few steps from the blog post above and start implementing them today.  And please be sure to let me know how you get on.  I love to hear your stories of what works and has been of value to you. If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it.

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