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Yesterday, dear reader, I had mud spattered wet legs, from the torrential downpour.  As I sorted myself out in the ladies, I looked up and caught sight of myself in the mirror, and my forehead was peeling.  So there we have it, soaking wet and gently peeling, which I think may be the theme for this coming Jubilee weekend.  Maybe I should have worn these?

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It’s so hard to know what to wear, to wear it with confidence and to be able to forget about what you are wearing and get on with the day.  HM the Queen does this very well.  Year in, year out she is well presented, well groomed, looks appropriate, and is a tireless ambassador for her country and people.  She is a working mother:

queen elizabeth ii - Bing Images

….she travels for work:

queen elizabeth ii - Bing Images

She is always well and appropriately dressed (and amazingly accessorised):

Queen Elizabeth high resolution pictures - Bing Images

I was going to include a couple of Working Frocks images.  Something along the lines of what would the Queen wear if she were wearing Working Frocks.  But instead I feel rather humbled really at the Queen’s consistency and endurance.  She never seems to have a bad hair day, or a day when she doesn’t really feel like making an effort.  So that sends me scurrying back to the drawing board for my next collection.  Hold on to your hats, ladies, we need to go up a gear to keep up with this lady!

Have a great Jubilee weekend.

queen elizabeth ii - Bing Images




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