To name or not to name

Working Frocks has decided to name its dresses.  A difficult decision, and how much does naming a dress matter?  We all know Christian Dior’s new look dress.  But how many of us know that it was called Bar?

Working Frocks did a bit of investigation work to find out if Liz Hurley’s black Versace dress had a name.  Turns out we all call it ‘that dress’:

Audrey Hepburn’s lbd in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

That neither.  Of course M. Givenchy may well have given the dress a name.  But we don’t know that dress as a named dress.

At Working Frocks we like the fact that our dresses have been numbered, not named.  Until today.  Today is the day that we gave the dresses a name.  There is method to our madness and a theme runs through the naming process.  So enjoy a couple of Working Frocks’ lbds now with names.

Introducing Saint Sulpice:

…and Threadneedle:

All the other dresses are now named and viewable on the website….


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