Spring has really sprung…..

….I’m insisting on calling our weather spring-like but it really is very hot at the moment, and more like summer.  It’s hard to believe last week we were in dresses, tights, jumpers and cardis.  This week we’ve finally cracked open the summer wardrobe.   Who knows what next week will bring?

Dressing appropriately on a working day in this sort of weather is a bit like keeping the house cool, except the British are not particularly good at that because we generally have the heating on full blast until July, and then back on again in October.  However, the idea with keeping a house cool is that you only have windows and curtains open on the shady side of the house, and open and close them as appropriate during the day, ensuring that cool air stays in the house.  Similarly with getting dressed, first thing in the morning have a cardigan or lightweight jacket to hand as you travel to work.  We love this by Roland Mouret:

Cool shape for office wear....Roland Mouret | Harleth bouclé cotton-blend jacket | NET-A-PORTER.COM

Natural fibres, cotton, will keep you cool.  Most heat is lost from the roof of a house, similarly with the body, keep your head cool and you will keep a cool head.  If it is already warm as you are walking to the tube, get ahead, get a hat.  Tuck your hair in or tie it back if it’s long.  We love these and could order nearly everything from Anthropologie’s hat department……

English Summer Trilby | Anthropologie.eu

Just call me India jones........Illusion Wrap Rancher | Anthropologie.eu

Also love this.  Great with a sundress, or a lightweight suit and sandals. Gusto Fedora

Finally, even if you wear relatively formal work in the office (and even if you don’t), you can channel Spring in your footwear.  This season’s shoe colours are bright and beautiful and a great way to bring interest to your outfit.  These shoes by Miu Miu would really compliment your working wardrobe:


Love these, thought they would look good with the brown sleeveless W.F. miumiu.com OFFICIAL WEBSITE


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