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1970s vibe

ethnic brown leather bag with embroidery detail, fringing and hand stitching. worn at the waist

The 1970s are having a moment

Let’s do it let’s have some fun

Let’s inject a little 1970s wild child into our small lives

made smaller by the pandemic by fear by the unknown

Let’s leave behind our work wardrobe

and the leggings we’ve been in since March

and have some fun with our clothes

What will you choose

Jumpsuit / trouser suit


shorts or culottes


any kind of cheesecloth


What accessories will you choose

Oversized sunnies

headscarf tied at the nape of the neck

leather satchel bag

platform shoes

There is so much to choose from

We’ve written a blog post on it if you want more information

The point is to have a little fun

To take great enjoyment in what you are wearing

just enjoy it for its own sake

We lost that a little on the way

Even in the midst of a crisis and the unknown

We can still take delight in the small pleasures

blond woman with pop art sunglasses with multicoloured frames. She has a daisy in her mouth and the photo is set against a petrol blue background. very 1970s!


Read the full article here: How to wear 1970s style for your body shape

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