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Start the week well

Start the week well styling tip working frocks

By the end of the weekend

I feel like I’ve got myself back


Some weekends it feels like I have a second job single-handedly running a large hotel

with super demanding guests

But usually by Sunday evening I can pause

and feel good about going into the week

And then Monday happens

and I don’t feel quite that way

I’m not sure why

It really helps to have a great outfit to wear on a Monday morning

Yes, even if you’re working from home

What is a great outfit?

It’s one where you feel fantastic in it

It fits you

It looks good

It’s not distracting

no missing buttons or zips that don’t do up or hems that are coming down

A great outfit is one which helps you get on with your day

It eases you into the week

at the same time comforting you

It’s the outfit that says

All is well

without speaking

Try and prepare it on a Sunday night

and have it there on Monday

Get up and get in to that outfit

Your day will start with a bang

not a whimper

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Start the week well styling tip working frocks

I have created a free gift for you

It’s a journaling cheat sheet

It’s all about getting in touch with what you are thinking about what you wear

If the thought of planning what to wear makes you groan inwardly

or despair

or immediately want to run away and do something else entirely

Or even if you just want to have a better relationship with your clothes

(btw having a better relationship with your clothes equals having a better relationship with yourself)

then download the cheatsheet

Spend thirty minutes and see where it takes you

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Have a great day!



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