How to wear summer clothes in the fall/autumn

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5 style tips to get more wear out of your summer clothes when the temperatures drops

Do you want to know how to continue to wear summer clothes in the fall/autumn?  After all, the temperature doesn’t change that rapidly, and quite often we have beautiful, warm, sunny days well into September.  It would be a shame not to be able to take advantage of the remaining sunny, warm weather.  Rather than be keen to rush into autumn/fall wear you may want to hold on to summer as long as you possible can.  Here’s how to do it.

Despite the way that the world has changed, and our lives have changed, this year, many of us have had beautiful days and are reluctant to say good bye to the light days and the easy way we wear clothes in the warmer months.  There are ways to continue wearing your summer clothes and we have put together 5 style tips to get more wear out of your favourite summer clothes.  Take the tips that are most relevant to you and which you are more motivated to act on, and take action.  You will feel more organised by being proactive in this regard.

There is nothing worse than being in an all-black ensemble on a warm September day, so get organised now and have some great early fall/autumn outfits to wear, incorporating your favourite summer clothes.

Some clothes are finished now (unless you are jetting off for a foreign holiday) so they can be put away.  So, before we start, a couple of reminders to:

  1. Put away “high summer season” items – bikini, kaftan etc
  2. Put away any shoes that you won’t wear – see below for summer shoes to keep out for the time being

5 style tips to get more wear out of your summer faves when the temperature drops:

For work the summer pieces you can keep out are:

    1. black linen shift dress
    2. dark beige/biscuit dress or skirt suit
    3. some sandals especially anything in biscuit/beige/pale brown.  A chunky sandal with a wedge or platform heel is perfect.  If you don’t have suitable sandals to keep wearing then lightweight court shoes, or even better, slingback shoes would be great.  Wear them with nude tights, not black or even go with bare legs if ok to do so at work (or you’re working from home).
    4. Avoid long and too drapey items.  A shorter jacket  is better than a long one.  A knee length skirt is better than a long, gathered floaty skirt.
    5. Early fall/autumn is a time to wear simple clothes that show off how healthy you are.  Whether you have been at home in the garden, or had a holiday in your own country, or even travelled abroad, at this time of year we look our most ‘outdoor healthy’.  It doesn’t last long so maximise it now.  Keep your skin in good condition, lots of moisturiser and focus on health and wear simple silhouettes.

Black linen shift dress

Any dress in a light fabric, preferably one that fits to the knee and is either sleeveless or short sleeved is perfect to continue wearing for another month or so.

Summer clothes you can wear in the fall/autumn, black silk dress image, sleeveless, fitted

That black silk dress (pictured above) from the Working Frocks collection is perfect for this time of year.

dark beige/biscuit dress or skirt suit

Items in your wardrobe that are in a neutral colour such as beige, caramel, biscuit, are prime candidates for transitional season wear.  They can be paired with black, white and many other colours.  They look amazing and not out of place.  I (Sarah) have a beige pair of trousers that continue to get a lot of wear long after the white trousers have been put away for the season.  I am also wearing the gold silk dress from this year’s collection and it continues to look completely appropriate.  See below for image.

Summer clothes you can keep wearing in the fall/autumn gold silk short sleeved shift dress for curvy women

Chunky sandals in beige/biscuit/light brown

You can easily keep wearing summery sandals into the cooler months. Chunky sandals or elegant slingbacks in neutral colours will look great with bare legs or with nude tights.  See below for two of my wardrobe favourites: chunky See by Chloe and elegant vintage Russell & Bromley slingbacks.

Summer clothes you can wear into fall/autumn. Image of shoes, brown See by Chloe chunky sandals and beige and black slingbacks by Russell & Bromley

Simple clothes and simple silhouettes

The time has probably gone for long, floating meadow dresses.  Although you could make a great outfit with a floaty dress, boots, tights and cardigan, that would look very cool and bohemian.  For work, however, you are best to keep to simple silhouettes and avoid the long and drapey look.  I am still wearing a blue and white dogtooth dress and probably can still do so for another couple of weeks.  Because it’s blue it won’t look as appropriate as if it were in a neutral colour or black or red.  Blue is such a summery colour.  But the style is still looking good in the workplace and it feels great to be wearing it in this weather.  See below for the image.

Summer clothes you can wear into fall/autumn. Blue and white dogtooth check dress


Keep colours light

Finally, when the weather is warm and there is a beautiful, glowing, yellow sunlight keep the colours you wear light – neutral colours with a colour accent eg beige trousers, white tee, pale blue cashmere jumper (there is a Working Frocks Styling Tip on this, it was written for summer but you can adapt it for early autumn, it is the Colour Palette tip). If you’re wearing black trousers, wear them with a white top and a strong colour cardigan or jumper, for example shocking pink or a strong amber colour.

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If you are interested in the emotional aspect of your wardrobe and would like to read a little more about it before watching the videos then take a look at these blog posts:

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Have a great day!




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