3 Ways to instantly look slimmer in your clothes

Does my bum look big in this finished picture

It is possible to look immediately slimmer and sleeker in your clothes and feel much better about yourself and the world around you.  And this can be achieved by doing the following:

  1. Make sure your clothes fit properly
  2. Get your proportions right
  3. Make sure your clothes are in good condition…

Read on….

  1. Make sure your clothes fit properly: Rather than hide a multitude of sins, baggy clothes exacerbate them by making your silhouette look wider, and more shapeless than you really are.  This is all well and good if you are trying to scare off a bear, in which case you need to make yourself look as wide as possible in order for him/her to think you are bigger than he/she and not attack you.  However you are probably not facing grizzly bears (other than family members) in your daily routine.  So, go for clothes which skim the body, rather than hug it, if you are anxious in any way about your body, but sleeker is slimmer, so drop the droop.
  2. Get your proportions right: Long length cardigans make your hips look bigger and you more shapeless than you are.  Same with long length jackets.  Unless you are tall with broad shoulders these two garments should be avoided or at least approached with caution.  It is only possible to wear a certain number of clothes each week, so if long length jackets don’t make you look your best don’t bother with them.  The only exceptions are when you are specifically dressing for comfort.  Then you can get away with a longer length cardigan/jumper and be lovely and snug as you sit on the sofa and read a book/watch TV/have 10 minutes to yourself.  Hemline proportions are important too.  Aside from a matter of style for example, wearing a statement long skirt that is styled to be long, or a statement short skirt that is deliberately short and sweet, there are useful proportions relating to hem length.  Aim for mid-knee, where the knee tapers in.  Don’t have a hem line that ends on the widest part of the calf, unless you have super sleek calves.  If you are daring, skirts which finish above the knee should do so as the thigh tapers in, rather than at the fattest point of the thigh.  Of course, if you possess an amazing pair of pins you can ignore this point, but for most of us, an understanding of our body proportions not only helps us to look our best, but also is part of our journey of self acceptance; getting to know ourselves and who we are and being happy with that.
  3. Make sure your clothes are in good condition:  Baggy elbows, saggy seat in skirt dresses or trousers, baggy knees in trousers, jumpers that are stretched around the torso, all contribute to make you look unkempt.  In addition baggy/saggy stretched clothes also make your silhouette look bigger than your body is. (see 1 above).  In addition clothes that have seen better days, bin them.  If fabric has gone, unless you can promise yourself to only wear it gardening, then in the bin it goes (say thank you and wave goodbye).  They look shoddy and droopy and wrong (feel I should end that sentence, ‘girlfriend’).

As I write this I reflect on the fact that so often our outer self is a reflection on what is going on in our inner self.  If you think that it’s not really worth bothering, that no one is going to notice you anyway, that you’re too exhausted to find something to wear so you’ll just pick up that baggy jumper off the floor (the floordrobe as a friend called it the other day) then I would  really recommend that you reverse that thought trend.  I have a friend with her leg in plaster and she said to me this week that she has decided not to wear jogging bottoms for the next 6-8 weeks because she would just feel worse.  When I saw her she had cut the foot out of a pair of tights in order to get them over the cast and was wearing a great skirt and top and looked amazing.  So there you go: Have a bath or shower, moisturise all over and put on clothes in good condition and the chances are that no only will you look better but you will feel so much better too.

Been there, done that?  What are your experiences of wearing clothes and feeling much better and looking much better too?  Do you have a floordrobe?  Please let me know in the comments box below. Have a great weekend.

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