Weekend Wardrobe Ritual

The weekend

How can you claim back time

How can you make it your own

How can you create a weekend wardrobe ritual that helps

Can you set an intention

Relaxation or excitement or joy or wellbeing

Mark out your time with that intention

Then choose clothes that align with your intention

Find space to focus on yourself and your needs

Your weekend ritual can help you do that

Your weekend wardrobe ritual is the tool that you will use

To create the time that you want

To carve it out from a weekend

which might also be full of conflicting priorities

Set time aside

to choose your clothes

to choose activities that enable self reflection

How can you nourish your soul with your clothes

Is it a jumper or a skirt or jewellery or a scarf

How can you use your clothes to bring wellness to your weekend

And how does that wellness look to you

Is it breakfast in bed in a silk dressing gown

Is it a walk in nature in wool trousers and a cashmere jumper

Or maybe even curling up to read a book in a velvet skirt

Or again drinks with friends in a sequinned skirt and simple top

Whatever it is for you

Make sure you create it


Make your weekend wardrobe ritual your own and do so with great intention

and great self love

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Sarah Banks is a designer, blogger and internet entrepreneur. Having started her entrepreneurial life with a couture wedding and day dress company she then got hooked on all things on-line, bringing her businesses online and fusing both worlds. Her experience and knowledge in creating one-off garments for her clients was the foundation for Working Frocks and she is uniquely placed to give styling advice, being not only a blogger, but a couture designer too.

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