Casual Elegance

I LOVE casual elegance

Casual elegance is a piece of normal maybe mundane clothing

like jeans

Paired with something sophisticated glamourous luxurious

Like a silk shirt

and then worn with very simple shoes

Casual elegance makes everyone feel at ease

the wearer aswell as the people around her

It’s a way of being dressy without being dressy

It’s not a formula but there is a way of achieving casual elegance

if you want to try it for yourself but don’t know where to start

you’ll need to be you

authentically you

If that sounds a bit daunting

start with the clothes

Mix casual and formal pieces

Focus on fit and proportion

Choose good fabrics

Don’t pile on unneccesary anything

Whether that’s make up, accessories, or clothes

Keep the colour palette similar but not boring

In fact the secret to casual elegance

Is to be not boring

Boring is dull

You should be intriguing with casual elegance

Someone should want to talk to you and get to know you

Casual elegance is being more you not less

It’s being the essence of you

It’s not formulaic

Your hair doesn’t have to be this way

You don’t have to look like that

You don’t have to wear those clothes

It’s non formulaic it’s about being you

Authentically you

In clothes that make you relax and feel gorgeous and sexy

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