The Value of Play – What I’m learning this week

3 women laughing and having fun, at play

This week at home, I rediscovered the value of play.  I painted each fingernail a different colour, here:

Hands with fingernails painted 5 different colours

It reminded me not to take everything so seriously.

I’ve been posting a lot just recently around wardrobe detoxing and I love what I am creating and writing and offering to the world.  I am guilty of undervaluing the role of play in my life.  I’m all about todo lists and goals.

Speaking of which, why not join our community.  We don’t send you boring stuff, we just send you hints, tips and advice on how to maintain an A-grade wardrobe.  We want to help you look and feel amazing every day.  Sign up here:

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But sometimes play is important.

It’s particularly important while we are on lockdown or sheltering at home or social distancing.  Even when the pandemic has subsided, play will still be important.

Play has always been a big factor in clothing, make up and personal styling and grooming.

Clothes designers create new worlds, new dreams, new visions of reality or make believe through creating clothes.  Clothes have the power to take us out of ourselves, to create new versions of ourselves, to step into new lives.  Clothes mark all major mile stones in our lives, from baptism to weddingWF sign up to list form

The value of play lies partly in balancing out the seriousness that adult life, grown up life, brings.

You can play as an adult.  You don’t have to be serious all the timeWF sign up to list form

Why not use this time at home to have fun with your look.  Experiment with your make up, hairstyle and clothes.  Play.  You don’t have to produce some sort of ‘clown’ version of yourself.  The aim is to have fun, to do something of no consequence.

What is it going to be for you

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