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Bin the Bling!

earrings and flowers - bin the bling!

Bin the BlingWF sign up to list form

One way to look good

is to remove choice

that sounds wrong

because we are told, ‘buy this’ ‘buy that’

actually style comes from reducing your options

less is more

this tip is about constraint

So, remove all your jewellery from sight except

2 pairs of earrings

2 necklaces

2 rings

2 bracelets

2 of everything, you get the idea

choose wisely

each item or set will make a statement on your behalf

then you can only wear 2

1 bracelet, 1 ring

1 necklace, 1 ring

1 set earrings, 1 bracelet

you get the idea


it’s the best thing everWF sign up to list form



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