3 Steps to knock the socks off your Lingerie Drawer

Lingerie finished picture

Order or otherwise?

How does your underwear drawer look?  Neatly folded, colour coordinated, can see everything at a glance?  Or everything shoved in as you were having a dash round putting everyone’s clothes, if not in the right drawers, at least in the right room?

This has to be the one, of all your drawers, that will make you feel relaxed and calm when you open it.  The calmness comes in two parts: the first is on opening the drawer and seeing everything lined up and orderly; the second is knowing that everything fits.  If you tick the boxes on both of those counts, then well done, go to the top of the class and treat yourself to some more underwear.  If either of those areas needs attention, then let’s do it now, it should only take between 15 minutes and half an hour.  Let’s go.

On the job training

Right.  Are you standing by your drawer? Open it and take everything out.

Go through the pile.  Out goes anything that doesn’t fit, ie you are bursting out of or struggling to fill (bra) or so tight the legs cut in on you or so loose they don’t stay up or so old that only a bit of elastic (knickers) remains tethered to a strip of off white polyester.

Everything remaining should fit you.  I really recommend being regularly fitted into your underwear when buying it, as it will teach you so much about how a good bra should look and feel.

Fold bras and knickers and line up bras first knickers behind.  I try and buy a second pair of knickers with each bra, but I do have a couple of bras with 3 pairs of matching knickers.  Keep like colours together.  Store items on their side ie the flat, folded surface should be standing on end.

Line the drawer with beautiful paper, scented or otherwise.  Restock the drawer and you’re nearly there.

The pile leftover deal with as follows:

If it’s old and tatty it goes in the bin (regardless of the fact that it reminds you of your first girls weekend away to Ibiza twenty years ago).

If it doesn’t fit, but it did fit a year ago, it can have a 1 year reprieve.  But set yourself that limit and don’t waiver.  I once lost weight unexpectedly and the fullness of my bust was lost and I rattled around in my beautiful lace bras thinking they would never fit me again.  So I threw them out.  And six months later my bust had recovered most of its former bounce and I could easily have worn all that lovely lingerie that I so efficiently binned.  So, based on my experience, you get a little reprieve.  Put those items in a bag with a sticker on stating the date on which the year is up.

Ok so far so good.  Now that you’ve tidied out the drawer you can take stock:  Try and make sure you have the following items in your drawer.

Moving on, Stock up.

Bra and pants in beige/cream/caramel that cannot be seen under clothing

A strapless bra and pants set.  Ideally both beige and black, but even one of those will do.  More is not too much.

Fun/sexy/romantic matching sets.  Lingerie is beautiful and can make you feel amazing when you put on your favourite pair of navy blue leopard-skin silk chiffon panties and matching bra.

If necessary those stretchy pants which hold your tummy in.  My advice would be hold your tummy in and exercise those muscles and I can’t think of anything less sexy or more designed to make you feel like you’ve failed in life than restrictive underwear, but that’s only my opinion.  Lots of women love them.

Although this might sound old fashioned, a half slip (from the waist) or a full slip (to wear under sheer dresses) are great items to have.  I wear my full slips a lot in fact the last one,  in silver silk satin, actually distintegrated on me.  I’d worn it for about 14 years, year in year out, it did its service well.

Any of the above items that you don’t have can be topped up as and when.

How was it for you?

So, how did you do? Do you have a beautifully ordered lingerie drawer?  Have you chucked a whole lot of unwearables out?  Also, I’m curious, do you own a half or full slip and wear them?  Please leave comments below, thank you so much.  Have a lovely day

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