Podcast Episode 17


Why you need a capsule wardrobe and how to create one for yourself

Join me this week as I talk about the capsule wardrobe. I talk about the advantages of creating a small collection of clothes that you wear on a daily basis and how to create your own 7-piece capsule wardrobe.

Episode 17 – Why you want a capsule wardrobe


This week’s episode is about the capsule wardrobe. If you don’t know what a capsule wardrobe is, listen in, you might just want one, once you’ve been convinced of its usefulness. And in that light the episode also gives you clear instructions for you to put together your own 7, 14 or 21 piece capsule wardrobe.
With additional historic notes about the rise of the capsule wardrobe plus reference to the micro-capsule wardrobe which is a term that Sarah has coined, you’ll be fully informed and ready to go by the end of this week’s episode.

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