Nude Tights – The Season is upon us

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Nude Tights – the season is nearly upon us – are you ready?

I have a love hate relationship with nude tights.


Sheer, nude tights look beautifully fresh and sleek. Expensive nude tights have a beautiful sheen to them that lift the most normal of outfits and elevate the most pedestrian of legs. New tights, with no snags, holes or runs are like new sheets, an everyday luxury that appeal to the senses: look good; smell good; feel good to the touch. The packaging, too, is wonderful. Slim packets of cardboard holding an inner cardboard around which are wrapped a smooth pair of pristine, pale tights. They will never be this smooth or flat or new again. Removing a pair of tights from their packaging is a mundane action that, to me, has a luxurious feel to it: a fresh start (this time I’ll treat you better), a clean start (I am intentionally looking good), a cost effective way to look polished and groomed (I may not be able to afford a new suit right now, but clean hair, lipstick and new tights will keep me looking sleek and polished while I save up.)


Is it just me or does it require effort to wear nude tights? Or is it just coming out of six months of wearing hide-a-multitude-of-sins black opaques that makes me feel very “on-show” in nude tights? With the weather being so variable there is a high chance of rain, in which case rain splatters will be obvious behind the ankle on tights. Why do men get socks but we get tights? I would wear socks, or contemplate wearing them, if my legs were better (for which think perfect as there’s no way I’d leave the house in socks unless my legs were perfect). Nude tights seem to run/break/snag so quickly, and I always seem to be anticipating ruining a currently pristine pair. This is not a relaxing state of affairs. Then there’s the question of which shade of nude. Black is black is black (except for nearly black), but nude encompasses a range of pitfalls: too pale and you risk looking like your body has just recovered from a serious illness; too dark and you’ll look like you’re still at school (American Tan anyone?).


Are nude tights stuck in the 1950s? Does a truly liberated woman not wear them? I can understand women wearing trousers and socks every day, but I’m a dress girl at heart, I feel most free in a dress, not encased in trousers, so somewhere along the line I need to resolve the tights situation.

What to do now?

If, like me, you are a little stuck with the nude tight dilemma, here are three to do items that I am going to implement which will help me to approach Spring dressing positively:

  1. Give yourself a pedicure.  Invariably I go through the toe of a lovely pair of tights. (Tonight)
  2. Moisturise feet/legs well.  Then your tights will glide on with no snagging. (Tonight, then each morning)
  3. Buy 5 new pairs of tights and be prepared.  No more scurrying around for a pair that is decent. (go online today)

Ok, enough already with the nude tights debate.  We have busy lives to run, and whether you’re running in nude tights or opaque, the day is upon us and you have a little, fun todo list above which is designed to take the mental stress out of organising your wardrobe, leaving you free to face the more important tasks of the day.  Enjoy!

Where do you stand on nude tights?  Love them, loathe them?  Let me know in the comments box below.  Would you be interested in a service which sent you your preferred shade of tights/stockings throughout the year as you need them?  Let me know, I’d be very interested to hear.

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