Don’t abandon your long sleeves just yet

Roll Shirt sleeves up finished pictureAs I write this it is a gloriously sunny spring morning.  There are some clouds in the sky, but there is more blue than white and the blue is such an intense blue I can’t imagine it ever being grey.

Spring is here….

It’s so tempting to get dressed and think, “This is it, it’s going to be warm from now until December, I don’t need a coat, I don’t need a jumper, where are my sandals, where’s my white handbag?”

…but it’s still cold

Now, two minutes later, the sun has gone behind a cloud, it’s chilly and I’ve put my coat back on.  The air is cool, reflecting the car’s thermoment of six degress and the fact that there was a frost this morning.

Long sleeves make sense

Don’t abandon long sleeves just yet.  It’s too early to lean in to summer, it’s early spring.  You need those long sleeves and if it gets warm (for a bit) roll your sleeves up. Of course, this applies metaphorically to life as well.  In the good times (the sunshine, the summer) it’s easy to forget that there were any other times, but those times (winter, the clouds) do come around as surely as the seasons themselves do and being prepared, in life as in wardrobe is key to seeing you through the bad times as well as the good.

Wardrobe as a microcosm of life….

In fact your wardrobe, as I see it, is a microcosmic reflection of your life.  Messy wardrobe, messy life (anyone disagree?), hoarder wardrobe, hoarder life: if you’ve got a wardrobe packed full of clothes that you hold on to but never wear, your life will be the same, full of objects you don’t use.  If you invest in your wardrobe: whether they are classic well made clothes, or beautifully designed designer wear, or the best you can afford on thehigh street, chances are you’ll invest in yourself, you’ll think you are worth investing in.  By which I mean spending time on, developing, working on yourself.

Anyway, back to long sleeves.  Be cautious, be wise, it’s early in the year.  Those sunny moments are great, but they are fleeting moments right now.  Stay warm.

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