Natural jewellery

hoop earrings with cowrie shells hanging off

If you have 5 minutes, take out your jewellery box(es).

There is probably so much in there that you are not wearing.

It’s spring and summer now.

What we are looking for is jewellery in natural materials.

Shell, stone, wood, coral.

It’s great to wear natural materials.

They are from the earth.

Elevating simple materials into something greater, such as jewellery

is a way of giving thanks to the earth for all that it gives us.

Some cultures still wear predominantly natural materials.

Shells were, and still are, currency in some parts of the world.

The natural colours and forms of natural materials

are particularly empathetic with life in spring and summer.

They suit the lighter fabrics we wear

the colours that we wear.

Find the natural materials in your jewellery box.

Wear them, intentionally



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