How to choose your personal style signifier – 5 easy tips

If I said, ‘Audrey Hepburn’ what would you think? Black dress, sunglasses?

If I said, ‘Anna Wintour’ would you think bob hair cut and dark sunglasses?

Marilyn Monroe? Blonde bob?

head of a woman with large earrings. Accompanies the blog post on how to choose your personal style signifier

Many women, famous and not famous, have a distinctive element or feature consistently present in their personal style that helps define and identify their unique fashion sense.

In short, they have a personal style signifier.

A personal style signifier can be a specific item of clothing, an accessory, a colour, or even a way of styling your hair that becomes synonymous with you.

If you don’t already have a personal style signifier, I would definitely encourage you to create one for yourself.

They are a fantastic way to create your personal style and to develop your own unique authority.

The great thing is you can choose what you want it to be.

There are no rules.

Well, the only rules are that you love what it is and you wear it consistently.

woman holding a pearl necklace

So if you want to go ahead and know how to choose your personal style signifier, here are some key takeaways that you can bear in mind:

Key aspect of personal style signifiers

Consistency: Personal style signifiers are something that you wear regularly, even daily. They are like your signature. So whatever it is you choose you will wear regularly, by which I mean pretty much all the time.

Distinctiveness: Personal style signifiers are unique and differentiate your style from another woman’s. They reflect your own particular personality, preferences, lifestyle and/or values.

If you don’t have a personal style signifier and need some inspiration, here’s a list. Choose something that appeals to you and adopt it as your own.

Personal style signifier – suggestions

Accessories: A signature hat, a particular type of jewellery (e.g., large hoop earrings, a specific bracelet), or a favourite pair of sunglasses.

Clothing: Always wearing a certain type of jacket, a particular brand of shoes, or a specific colour palette.

Hair and Makeup: A trademark hairstyle, a signature lipstick colour, or a distinctive way of doing makeup.

In summary, a personal style signifier can be a recognisable and even iconic element of your style that makes your personal brand easily identifiable and memorable.

If you’d like to create or establish your personal style signifier, or even update your personal style signifier to something that relates more to how your personal style is right now, then use this 5-step list

Five-step method for identifying, choosing, and developing your personal style signifier:

Step 1: Understand your current style and preferences.

What do you like to wear, what would you like to wear that you do not currently? What accessories do you like, how would you describe your current style and would you like to change it?

Step 2: Gather ideas and inspirations for potential style signifiers

Reflect on Your Wardrobe: Examine your existing wardrobe to identify recurring themes, favourite items, and pieces you feel most confident wearing.

Identify Preferences: Consider your preferences in terms of colours, patterns, fabrics, and accessories. Note what you gravitate towards and what makes you feel comfortable.

Step 3: Try out different elements to see what works for you.

Experiment with different outfits, or hairstyles or accessories

Step 4: How to choose your personal style signifier

Choose a distinctive element that best represents your style.

Step 5: Develop and incorporate your personal style signifier further into your style wardrobe

Integrate your chosen signifier into your everyday style.

Thanks for reading. I hope you chose an epic personal style signifier for yourself.

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