3 Powerful Ways to Align Your Appearance with Your Growing Authority

I realised there was something missing.

All winter I had been vaguely dissatisfied with what I was wearing.

I couldn’t put my finger on it.

But it happened nearly every day.

And it was to do with the way I was turning up each day.

I was wearing the same clothes as I had worn the previous winter.

But something was different.

And it felt wrong.

Then I realised that although I loved what I was wearing.

It was no longer right for me.

I love cropped cardigans and fitted tops and dresses that hug my body.

But they weren’t right.

They were, and it’s hard to explain what they were, but they were childish.

They no longer matched how I felt on the inside.

The change happened inside me.

But I only realised when it came to the surface and began to be seen on the outside of me.

There was nothing wrong with the clothes. What was wrong was how I felt in them.

In short

those clothes lacked authority.

They were, and still are, lovely clothes.

But they don’t embody the authority I now have in my life.

I’ve moved on.

And so my clothes need to move on too. They need to represent me and who I am now.

If you feel the same and feel like you are growing in authority, but that there is a disparity between how you feel and how you look, then here are 3 ways to fill the authority gap in your life and start to look like the new, more authoritative version of yourself that is emerging.

woman in a black gingham wool skirt, black jumper and black boots. Accompanies the blog post on how to align your appearance with your growing authority

Dressing out of your authority is an inner game

Firstly dressing out of your authority is an inner game.

Forget ‘power dressing’ ‘wearing classic clothes’ or donning a ‘classic blazer and timeless top’.

The authority style rules have changed. Here at Working Frocks we don’t want you dressing up like a stage persona in your stage wardrobe to help you get in character.

No, dressing with authority comes from within. You need to bring out what is inside you and reflect it on the outside. That’s how you dress with authority. You align your appearance with your growing authority.

Stepping into your authority is to step deeper into your identity

Secondly the more you step into your authority, the more you step into your own unique identity.

Self confidence and authenticity: When you embrace your authority, you are essentially acknowledging and affirming your skills, expertise, and value. This self-acknowledgment leads to increased self-confidence. As you become more confident, you feel more comfortable expressing your true self. This authenticity allows you to bring your unique identity into your professional role, making your authority feel genuine and natural rather than forced or superficial.

Personal Empowerment: Stepping into your authority involves recognizing your own power and taking ownership of your career and decisions. This empowerment not only boosts your professional standing but also enhances your overall sense of identity. You start to see yourself as a capable and influential individual, which positively impacts other areas of your life.

Resonance with Others: When you authentically step into your authority, you resonate more deeply with others. People are often drawn to those who are self-assured and true to themselves. Your unique identity can inspire and motivate others, creating a positive influence in your workplace and beyond.

woman in a black dress. Accompanies the blog post on how to align your appearance with your growing authority

You need a road map to help you align your appearance with your growing authority

Thirdly, just because you feel a certain way doesn’t mean that you are going to know what the solution is.

I felt one way, my clothes were representing me in a different way and I felt a dissatisfaction in what I was wearing. Cue many year of journaling about this!

Fortunately I now have tools at my disposal, and you do too. Following the guide for creating a capsule wardrobe will get you on your path to looking and feeling like you have authority and are dressing with authority. Another tool that is available for you on the Working Frocks website is the blog post on personal style signifiers. Between those two pieces of work you will be able to craft out the perfect wardrobe for yourself that mirrors the authority you are stepping into on the inside, back out to the world around you.

Next steps

Download the capsule wardrobe creation guide

Read the blog post on personal style signifiers:

How to choose your personal style signifier in 5 easy steps

Use the capsule wardrobe guide to create a unique 7 piece capsule wardrobe for yourself which exactly aligns with the growing authority that you are experiencing.

Remember, getting dressed out of your authority is all about your unique style and the unique way in which you want to show up for your life each day.

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