French Chic

French chic woman sitting on a pavement cafe in France Working Frocks blog post

French chic

Gallic charm

Call it what you will

but there is something about French women

that is so stylish

and chic

corny though that may sound

Maybe we can’t define the undefinable

but we can describe how the undefinable looks

It looks simple




It looks playful

and bold

It is simple

a plain white top or shirt

French chic woman sitting on a pavement cafe in France Working Frocks blog post styling tips section

It celebrates the body

a pencil skirt

It is rigourous

plain colours in a neutral palette: white, black, beige

It is playful

bold colours or pattern mixed in with the basics

leopard print snake print gold trainers

It is formulaic

pearls and discreet gold jewellery for the day

large chunky necklaces for the evening

one bracelet one necklace

It goes with the rules

hair in a bob, discreet make up

It is confident

No make up

or heavy eyes and red lipstick

It is simple

don’t make it fussy

Trousers top ballerina flats

you’re done

It is not self conscious

it is confident

Channel your inner French woman today

Pare back

Get rid of all that is extra and fussy

French chic is not fussy

Wear fewer clothes

of better quality

Be confident

French women exude confidence


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