Espadrilles are perfect for summer

the ultimate comfort

A change from your usual shoes



completely in keeping with the season

Give your sweaty, tired feet a holiday

Flat espadrilles are casual and chic

High heel wedges add elegant height

There’s a style for every outfit

Espadrilles elevate any summer look

They look great with dresses

Pair them with shorts, too

Jeans and espadrilles are timeless

They feel light and breathable

Perfect for hot summer days

Versatile and trendy

wear them to the beach

They are perfect for picnics

great for strolls in the park

ideal for summer festivals

Change up your shoe game

Swap trainers for espadrilles

Ditch uncomfortable sandals

Easy to pack

Perfect for summer vacations

Neutrals match any outfit

Bright colours make a statement

Espadrilles are timeless and elegant

The essence of summer

Light, airy, and fun

Espadrilles are a summer staple

Every woman should own a pair

Have you got yours?

Sarah Banks is a designer, blogger and internet entrepreneur. Having started her entrepreneurial life with a couture wedding and day dress company she then got hooked on all things on-line, bringing her businesses online and fusing both worlds. Her experience and knowledge in creating one-off garments for her clients was the foundation for Working Frocks and she is uniquely placed to give styling advice, being not only a blogger, but a couture designer too.

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