faded picture of peonies, advertising sytling tip about putting a flower in your hair

I was thinking today about flowers.

I have a couple of silk flowers attached to clips that I sometimes wear in my hair.

They need fixing as the clips are broken.

But, hey!, we’re all on lockdown!  I have time to mend them.

The peonies are out in the garden, and I was wondering about putting a peony in my hair.

If your hair is short, put a flower on a hairgrip.

Put it in your fringe or just behind your ear, or nestle it in your layers if your hair is short.

If you hair is long, you can hold it in place on an elastic, or put it on a big clip.

If you’re going to put a big bloom in your hair, keep the rest of your accessories to a minimum.

You will look much fresher and your look will be cleaner.

Fresh or false, I don’t think it matters



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