The power of style: women returners who nail office style

How to nail office style: tips from women returning to work

Women Returning to work after a long career break


Returning to work after a long break can be daunting.  You might fear that your work skills are rusty.  You might worry that you have lost your personal style and don’t know how to dress well for the office.  But it is possible to get back into the work scene and not be the frump in the corner.  All those years at home may have stood you in good stead in the style stakes.  So read on and discover the style secrets of women returners who nail office style.  Implemented regularly, these tips will keep your office style fresh and glamorous.  Plus you will benefit from increased confidence, both at work and at home.

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4 tips from women returners who nail office style

Don’t dumb down – if you have established a style you love stick with it

The chances are, over the years at home, you have established a personal style that suits you.  If you love it, stick with it.  Find a way to make it work in the office.  If you wear short cropped cardigans, look for short cropped jackets.  If you wear long floaty cardigans, find similar in a more structured jacket shape.  Don’t wear these clothes at home, make sure you reserve the weekend as an opportunity to maximise your own style.  Wear different jewellery.  Keep the two separate.  It is work you are going to, not an extension of your social life.  Having said that, make sure your personal style is evident every day.

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Use the confidence age brings to wear clothes and accessories with a character.  Dress individually.

One of the really great things about being a little older is that we are less worried what others think.  Don’t back down now.  Women returners who nail office style take that confidence back into the work place with them.  Dress individually.  You don’t want to look like anyone else because you aren’t anyone else.  You’re you.

You don’t need many work clothes.  Now maybe the time for you to invest in some quality clothing.  You don’t need many pieces to make up a really good capsule wardrobe.  Women returners who nail office style have a confidence that less is more.

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Be realistic: You  may need a good haircut, to shape up, lose a little excess weight

This new chapter in your life can trigger a decision to polish up a little .  Don’t beat yourself, just think, “This is a great opportunity for me to…”  Women returners who nail office style are kind to themselves.  We all need to keep course correcting.  Women returners who nail office style look upon the return to work as an opportunity for self improvement, and you are never too old to learn.

Establish some new expectations of yourself.

Free from other commitments you will have more time to devote to yourself.  Use the time well to make the best of yourself.  What are your base level expectations of yourself?  If you have a style you already love, what improvements would you make to that style?  Do you want a different hair cut or colour?  Would you like to go to they gym before or after work?  Would you like to wear different jewellery?  Whose style do you admire that you would like to adopt for yourself?

How do you feel about these tips?  Do you use them already?  Would you take one or more of them and adapt them for yourself and use it regularly?  What would it take for you to nail your office style, or do you already nail it?  Let me know in the comments below.

Have a great day.  Wear what you love, love what you wear,


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