What to wear each week: 5 steps to easily plan a week’s worth of clothes

You’re a busy woman and don’t have lengthy time to spare choosing outfits or you’re a woman in need of direction as to what to wear each week and how to wear it. Either way we’ve got you covered in this blog post as we take you through our weekly planner, to plan a week’s worth of clothes in 5 minutes, ensuring you look fresh as a daisy or glamourous as a gladioli each and every day.

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Use our easy weekly planner


  1. Start with a simple plan for what to wear each week

    Our simple outfit formula is outfit + shoes + bag + accessories

  2. The outfit

    Go to your wardrobe and take out 5 dresses or outfits to wear next week. When assessing what to wear each week, think about what is in your diary for the week? What type of meetings do you have? What do you have going on at home? Are you out socially in the evening? Do you have a date night planned and will go out straight from work? Or maybe you’re going out to the theatre or meeting up with girlfriends for a drink. Keep in mind the weather too.

  3. Shoes

    Referring to the type of questions above decide on which shoes you should be wearing. Shoes, boots or sandals will all be worn depending on your diary activities and the weather.

  4. Bag

    You may want to keep the same bag that you usually wear. You may want to change the bag at the beginning of the week. Or you might want to change your bag 2 or 3 times during the week. Whatever it is, mark it on the planner and make a note of when you want to change bags. You could also include in this section any other bags that you might need during the week, eg a sports bag.

  5. Accessories

    Accessories can make an outfit into something uniquely you. Pick out one main piece of jewellery for each day. It’s fine if you want to make it the same piece of jewellery but it can be a different piece each day.
    As supporting cast around your one main piece of jewellery a day add your other pieces. Don’t make them compete though with your main piece of jewellery there.
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Download the excel spreadsheet and fill it in. You can do it in 5 minutes and then you are organised for the week. One simple step to change your week and maximise your time.


Have a great week,


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