Your voice

It announces your style

and it describes your style

Women have a voice

you have a voice

and we don’t have to conform

Your voice creates life

creates your life

Your voice stakes a claim in the world

We hear the language

and we hear the voice


A voice is not just for describing instructions

do this do that don’t do this walk here don’t walk here eat this stop that pick this up put that down

it’s also for describing experiences

conveying emotions

explaining thoughts

And that is your style

as much as a dress

or a pair of shoes

The life you want to live

will be conveyed on the wave of your voice

What you speak out

will be reflected in what you wear

And what you wear

will be reflected in what you say

Try it for yourself

Wear one of your favourite outfits

and see how differently you think and speak

Your voice will also be a reflection of your lifestyle

and your thoughts and feelings around the life you have chosen

Quiet confidence sometimes comes in the form of a soft voice

a voice that doesn’t need to shout

Your voice encapsulates your style

Your voice is your style

an audio version of your style

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