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VISIBLE magazine

Do you remember what you wanted to do and what you loved doing as a child? I do. I remember seeing Karl Lagerfeld on TV a long time ago and wanting to be a designer. I loved ballet and wanted to teach it. And I have always loved magazines. And real estate. But back to the magazines.

My mother used to buy, and still does, women’s magazines. I grew up reading her magazines and then when I was old enough, I started to buy my own.

What I loved, and couldn’t quite believe was possible and available to me even today, is that you can immediately enter a different world as soon as you turn the page. In fact as soon as you look at the front cover, the invitation to enter another world is already there. It felt so egalitarian, and still does. The only barrier to entry is paying the cover price. And then you’re in to this wonderful world of creativity, inspiration, colour, design.

So now, fast forward all those years and here I am having just launched the very first issue of VISIBLE magazine. It’s very exciting.

I had been thinking about starting a digital magazine for quite a while. But it was parked at the back of my mind as a ‘nice to have’ for the business rather than a ‘need to have’. However the way that the business is growing is in developing new and innovative ways to help women step into their uniqueness: their unique style; unique identity. So the thought of producing a magazine that would talk about the benefits and values of our work great stronger and stronger.

And then one day I made a decision to do it, to make it happen. And here it is, VISIBLE magazine, issue 1:

This month we have articles on wardrobe journaling, the Lose 5, Stylise, Organise course, a styling tip on self esteem and the start of a new series on ordinary heroines. These are women who make a difference in our world but who we might not know and who are not necessarily famous or publicly celebrated..

And the great thing is you can read your copy now, by going to VISIBLE magazine.

And what’s even greater is that the magazine is absolutely free to read. As someone who believes in the power of the internet for good, I am delighted to offer you a magazine that is free of charge. I have learned so much from online resources in the last 10 years. I know that it is truly possible to change your life, change your you work, change your thoughts and dive into a world of new possibilities just by being able to go online.

Maybe you’ll pick up the magazine and join us in Wardrobe Journaling. Maybe you’ll come on the Lose 5, Stylise, Organise journey and transform your personal style in a month. Maybe you’ll read the article on self esteem and feel better about yourself. Maybe you’ll read about our ordinary heroines and want to make a change in your world too.

Maybe maybe! The potential is limitless. The potential of you is limitless. You might not think so. You might just think you’re not good enough, intelligent enough, beautiful enough, whatever enough. You might just think it’s not possible. But it is. And Visible is here to give you all the encouragement you need to help you see the potential in yourself.

Like those magazines that I opened as a child and stepped into a different world, VISIBLE is my gift to women everywhere to step into a different world. A world of possibility. A world of encouragement.

Read it, enjoy it. Then use it to explore the potential of you. The potential to be more VISIBLE in your own life.

An exciting adventure awaits. All you need to do is turn the page.

Have a great day.


ps let me know what you think of issue 1 in the comments. I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks!

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