Top Tip for cooler July Days

How synthetic fabrics can be your allies

On days like today, wear those dresses in your wardrobe which are made from, or contain a certain percentage of, synthetic material.  We generally have some that are not cotton, silk or wool.  Synthetic fabric doesn’t breathe like natural fabrics does, it doesn’t keep you warm in winter like silk and wool, and cool in summer like silk and cotton do.

Designers have never shied away from using synthetics.  Cristobal Balenciaga, known for his beautifully shaped gowns, was equally known for experimentation, in both dress design and fabric use.

Below are the sketch, dress and swatch of fabric from a dress with cotton bodice, stretch cotton waist section and skirt with a printed rose motif on a synthetic net fabric.  Perfect for today:


Portobello Ll front IMG_2355 WF SS 2013 8 less res Rose Print x 2

On a day like today when it’s not that warm, they can be the perfect choice: the summer’s dress or blouse in a chiffon like fabric, perfect.  That lightweight dress made from a synthetic mix fabric, again, perfect.  The cotton sundress with 5% lycra or elastane, perfect choice.  Use the drop in temperature to your advantage, and enjoy getting the best you can out of your clothes, making them work for you at every opportunity.



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