The Shift Dress – Shift dress for curvy women

We all love a shift dress.  Easy to wear.  look amazing.  Feel like Audrey Hepburn.

Except the reality isn’t always like that.  At least it wasn’t for me.  Shift dresses are easy to wear on uniform body shapes.  That is to say if your bust and hip measurements are similar you can probably wear a shift dress quite easily.  If you are curvy and your bust and hip measurements are not similar it’s not so easy.  I’m curvy.  I’d love to wear a shift dress, but I have a problem.  Either they fit on the bust and are too tight on the hips.  Or they skim over the hips but the rest of the dress looks so big it looks like a sack dress, not a shift dressWF sign up to list form

I don’t think I’m alone either.  Lots of us are curvy.  I don’t mean overweight.  I mean curvy, deviating from the “norm”.   (the “norm” being standard clothes sizing).  Trying to get into non-curvy shapes.  But we want to look beautiful and carefree and wear and easy to wear dress shape.

So I created a shift dress for curvy womenWF sign up to list form

That’s what we do at Working Frocks, we create solutions.  This just happens to be one I particularly love.  Because it solved one of my problems.  And maybe it will solve one of yours too.  It’s available here in Shop the Frocks.

So, the dress is cut fairly slimline at the front.  At the back we have re-engineered the back panel to have a little fullness.  That’s where my curvy bit is, round the rear at the rear.  Well now it’s not a problem because we’ve cut our cloth accordingly.  Shift dresses for curvy womenWF sign up to list form

Available for spring in navy and pale corn.  In 100% silk.  Look amazing and feel amazing.  Wear it to work and then straight out in the evening to the bar with friends, out for dinner with the boyfriend or off to parent’s evening for the children.

At Working Frocks we want to you wear what you love and love what you wear.  We hope this dress will do exactly that for you.  A Shift dress for curvy women.

Of course you don’t have to be curvy to wear this.  I think everyone is going to want one!  It’s such an easy to wear shape and looks great too.

If you want to find out more about the history of the shift dress, there is a longform post here

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