The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain…..

….but unfortunately England is not so discriminating, the rain is staying mainly everywhere, and dressing for a rainy day has become a feature of the last month, and is set to remain a factor each day as we get dressed.  So what are you wearing for work, and how are you coping with this weather?

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It is Spring, despite what the temperatures are telling us, so you may be longing to get into this season’s spring colours and ditch the black, however practically speaking black covers a multitude of sins, plus the weather is so cold you may be loath to leave dark colours behind.

However, a compromise is possible: think dark with lighter highlights.  Star with a foundation of dark tights, dark shoes or boots, heels or even better, wedges.  The jury is out on nude tights as they show rain splashes and can leave dirty marks even when the splashes are gone.  Lift the whole look with a brighter dress, or blouse and skirt.  Dark trousers with a lighter coloured shirt, such as a crisp white one is clean and chic.  A pair of dark tights with a shift dress, or dark tights with a pinafore dress and pale coloured tee shirt or blouse would also be great.

The coat could even be in a Spring hue, a classic navy rather than black for example, and your bag and brolly can provide colourful and up-to-date highlights.  These two images from The Sartorialist show sleek and stylish looks that are easy to achieve.

Spot-on Sartorialist - rain in Paris

Think clean and purposeful: one fab dress, one fab coat, one brolly, one bag.  Keep hair simple: tied back, tucked into a hat.  Get glossy lippy on, and you’re done.  The unrelenting nature of rain means that you are going to have to make an effort on consecutive days, but you don’t want it to dominate your thoughts, so make it easy for yourself:  Keep skirts above or on the knee, try not to wear too much billowy fabric, as it may crease or get wet and you will look like a drowned rat, or at the very least like the puddle drenched SJP in her pink and white tutu ensemble in the SATC credits.

Look like you’re prepared and enjoying it, it’s only rain after all.  However the rain is also a reminder to look after our footwear.  Have shoes resoled, have boots reheeled, dry them out in the evening, and keep them clean and polished.  A little bit of tlc goes a long way to making you look and feel fantastic.

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