Testing Post

Yoast duplicate posts

is the last one for today

I think it’s ok.

One more return.

Yes it’s ok.

WordPress hide posts

is the next one

just two to go.

WordPress hide posts is.



Starter Templates is also an issue

I couldn’t hit return

and it didn’t update.

So I’ve switched it off.

I’m not using it anyway.

This is the Spectra moment.

Ok, one line ok.

Second line…

ok. phew

Third line.

also ok.

It’s not Spectra.


Because Spectra powers my home page.

That’s why I did another few lines.

Just to make sure.

Speed Optimizer


I missed Spectra.

Spectra is next.

I think it will be ok.

RankMath SEO

the next one on the list.

Seems ok.

Let’s try

one more line

yes seems ok

Mailerlite woocommerce integration.

Also seems ok

hope this is ok.

yes it seems fine

You will see above there is a spacer section, that was previously text.

Even if I try and revert to a previous version, I don’t always get the text back. Yesterday not at all, today sometimes I get the text back.

Hopefully now, with all the plugins switched off, I can type ok.

It seems ok.

Sometimes it takes more than a few returns to delete the text

and transform it into a large spacer


I’m still here

Thank goodness for that!


it’s quite fun

I mean it’s like normal!!!

And it’s updating too.

Right, so now I’m going to switch the plugins back on

one by one

1 by 1

Advanced editor post switched on.

the first one

everything seems to be ok.

I’ll update…

And it updates

Akismet is on.

And updating

Which is good.

classic editor



cookie notice and compliance



another one


so Editor’s Kit plugin might be an issue

Had the same issue with text turning into spacer

Have now deactivated it.

Fonts plugin now reactivated.





Seems ok

forget about shortcode buttons



seems fine


Now it’s the turn for

header and footer scripts

I like header and footer scripts

so I’m pleased it doesn’t seem to be this one

Mailerlite sign up forms

Another one I’m fond of

Hope this one is ok

It seems to be ok


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