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Self Discipline

picture of a metal heart on a beach. Accompanies the blog post entitled Discipline, about why self kindness is actually self discipline

Self discipline as self kindness

In a list of things I wish I’d been told as a child

this one ranks really highly

Self kindness is not what we sometimes think it is

Self pity masquerading as kindness

Kindness is not

I deserve it

when it is

chocolate, cake, biscuits, a glass of wine, another coffee

Neither is self kindness a cry of

I’ve got nothing to wear or

Nothing suits me or

Everyone looks better than me

Those thoughts are dreadful and do not serve you

See below for how we can help on that front

Self kindness is

getting out of bed to exercise or

establishing a quiet time routine and

making space in your diary to do something you want to do

Self kindness is not eating that doughnut

Self kindness is wearing the best clothes you can and the clothes you love

and showing up each day as your authentic self

I thought it was kindness

Now I look back I realise how much I coddled myself

thinking it was kindness

I know you’ve had a bad day don’t worry here have this glass of wine and spaghetti with a lot of cream

Had a hard day

Poor you never mind just go and sit on the sofa and read a magazine


An end to all that

Self compassion is doing what will be in your best interests long term

Had a hard day

Poor you get in that gym go for that run

Had a bad day

poor you clean the house tidy up make life better for yourself

How can self love be discipline like that

It seems a bit topsy turvy

But there it is

Self kindness is

doing the exercise and feeling great afterwards

Self kindness is

eating the right food

and feeling healthy

Self kindness is having water

and not wine

It’s not deprivation

Yes that’s right

These kind of disciplines lead to you looking and feeling amazing every day

Now that’s self kindness

picture of a metal heart on a beach. Accompanies the blog post entitled Discipline, about why self kindness is actually self discipline

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