Seasonal Change Winter/Spring/Summer

A few weeks ago I made the decision to put my black/brown/grey/opaque tights away for the year and to bring out my nude coloured tights in eager anticipation (or so I thought) or going bare-legged in a few weeks time.  Yesterday I went back into brown tights and felt all the better for it.   Maybe there is something true in the old adage: Ne’er cast a clout, ’til May is out.  This was recited back to me by one of my colleagues.  Not smugly I might add, although she herself wears black all year.

Actually, I wore Albermarle, with brown tights, kitten heel shoes and a yellow/gold cashmere cardigan:

Brown and Orange SS 12 Mee Harriet 2012 (c) marc aitken 2012 19

It would be lovely to think that British weather is going to be reliable, but it never is, and in order to be well dressed, well presented and well groomed at all times with the minimum of fuss, we are going to have to manage with what we’ve got (temperatures reflecting our island’s position in the North Sea), rather than what we’d like (Mediterranean temperatures).  Future posts are going to address this difficulty and help you streamline your wardrobe so that, regardless of the weather, you look and feel your best.

Colour and fabric are key.  You can wear black (like my colleague) and still look like you’re dressed for spring rather than winter, it all depends what you wear with it.  So, for example, you could wear Threadneedle:


Worn with a lighter coloured jacket or cardi, say cream, and nearly black tights, and you’ll tick all boxes.  If you’re doing the nude tight thing then you will get away with black jacket or cardi.  It’s a question of balance.  As I write this I remember it’s dress-down Friday, and bank holiday weekend, both of which are another sartorial minefield entirely…..Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend.


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