School’s out for Summer! Top Tips for dressing for relaxing with the family

Brighton and Beige Dress


I know some of your children have already been on holiday for a couple of weeks, but this week the last few stragglers have pulled on that school uniform for the last few times, and parents have dragged them off to school.  We are all tired of packed lunches, of 6 parentmails a day, of remembering to dress them up as a Roman/Egyptian/favourite book character.  And now, after a brief whoop of euphoria we are all faced with 6 weeks of holiday where we have to find time to relax find time to recharge, whilst at the same time, re-interacting with our children and spouses, which should be an amazingly blessed time but does sometimes have challenges.

I really believe that being  organised with what you are going to wear, looking forward to wearing your clothes and them  giving you pleasure, is a major way of contributing to your well being, from a physical, mental and spiritual perspective. I will address the spiritual aspect in more depth on another occasion, but today what I want to do is address how to dress well when you are at home, so that you can enjoy your day with the family and not be worried by whether it fits, feels comfortable,  or looks good.

Step by step to stress free summer holiday dressing.

  1. Go to your wardrobe (take your laptop/ipad/tablet with you).
  2. Pull out 3 pairs of jeans, if you were mostly jeans, or trousers if you wear mostly trousers, or skirts if you wear skirts.  Of course if you wear mostly dresses, hurrah!, that’s fine too, find 3 of those.  Whatever the garment is it has to fit the following criteria: be relaxed enough to wear with the family, fit you, be clean, not need altering, not need fixing, not have negative connotations (eg the pair of jeans that you wore when you fell out with so-and-so).  Do you get the idea?
  3. Now match up the items you have chosen with tops, cardigans, shoes, flip flops, sandals.  Again, all clothes items must fit the criteria above.  Shoes should be comfortable and also preferably fun.  You are about to embark on the summer holidays, not a 3 week financial year end off site…..
  4. If any of the above items do need fixing, get them fixed this week, you have 4 days, go and do it quickly.
  5. Arrange the garments in your wardrobe so that you can see them really clearly.
  6. Tidy everything around those garments so the wardrobe is tidy.  The plan is for you to see those outfits each time you open your wardrobe during the summer holidays.
  7. in this way, each day that you are going out, spending a day with the children, entertaining the whole street to a bbq, or attending the church fete you don’t need to think about what you are going to wear, you know you are going to feel good in it, which will automatically mean that you look good in it.

Next steps

  1. If you have got this far, well done.  You could then rotate those 3 outfits halfway through your holiday if you want.  I am not suggesting you should only wear those three outfits, what I am suggesting is that you have three goto outfits that you can put on, with minimum fuss at either short notice or when you don’t have time to plan in depth.

I’m off to give this a go for this year, and will let you know how I get on.  In the meantime please let me know how you’re getting on.




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