Plan your style

If you want to look good every day

and feel like yourself and be yourself

you have 2 options

Live your life by design or

Live your life undesigned

There are advantages to the second

You don’t have to think, or plan, or decide

you just let you be you

comme çi comme ça

The idea of flow is lovely

you just move from one event in your life to another

seamlessly fluidly calmly with joy

Being part of time and creation and life

But we also love the idea of our lives having structure and organisation and routine

of giving ourselves a challenge and rising to it

In truth we need both

We need the structure and routine and the challenge of life

to become the person we are created to be

And we need to do it easily fluidly seamlessly

otherwise we don’t enjoy the journey

Planning your personal style is exactly like that

On the one hand you want to look good seamlessly and effortlessly

On the other hand it will take planning to get those clothes in your wardrobe

to decide what to wear and what not to wear

to manage your life

Many of my clients have commented how much better they felt about themselves

and what a transformation took place

when they put time and effort into looking good

into searching out their style

Don’t be afraid to search out who you are

to dress like you want

to wear clothes you love

to design your life

If you want to get started today

here are 2 easy ways

The first is decide what you love what you want to wear what is important to you

The second is decide what you are not going to wear what you dislike what you want to get rid of

That’s a great start

Ask yourself those questions constantly

What do I love and want to wear and

What do I not love and am not going to wear

And then relax into that

Enjoy the journey

Enjoy being you

woman on a beach looking out to sea, her arms raise to her sides, her head lifted to enjoy the sun and breeze

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