Plan well

How to plan well. Image of a planner and a pen and flowers all in pale pink.

To plan well is an art

I never used to plan

I like to do

Doing is fun

You make progress



Planning seemed a bit dull by comparison

Gradually I realised how important it is to plan well

To begin with I thought

Oh so this is how it feels to be boring

and now I love it

and I don’t think it’s boring at all

Now I look around and see

the whole world does planning in some form

Some plan well

others just plan

We plan for everything

there is a planner a jotter a notebook a white board a black board an app

for every plan you would ever want to make

You can even do your planning with dots


But there is one area we really don’t plan well

and it’s our wardrobes

Finances too for some of us

but wardrobes in general we don’t plan well at all

We buy haphazardly

and shove it all in

ramming the door shut

When we open the door sometimes things come falling out

and sometimes they’re so stuck in there nothing moves at all

Lack of planning means

we say

I have nothing to wear

Nothing fits

I don’t like anything

and feel rubbish about ourselves and our lives and the general state of everything

But it needn’t be like that

It’s great fun to plan what you are going to wear

on a daily weekly and seasonal basis

You should definitely have a collection of occasion wear clothes

The ones you wear for going out

You need a goto wardrobe of 5 items, well 4 actually plus a group of items

Little black dress

Black evening trousers

Formal day dress

Informal day dress

and lastly accessories for all of them

Start with these then build on them

If you have this group of items in your clothes collection

you will always have something to wear in which to go out and have a great time

and be yourself

And not only that, but be relaxed too because you’re not fussing about a new outfit

that you’re not sure about

or which doesn’t fit properly but you bought in a hurry

An end to all that

Peace and harmony for your wardrobe

How to plan well. Image of a planner and a pen and flowers all in pale pink.

The full blog post which goes into more detail about the 5 clothes groups which you need in your wardrobe for occasionwear is: How to plan your wardrobe – basic clothes list for occasion wear

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