Plan ahead for Christmas Day

I’m not talking turkey, I’m talking wardrobe!  The food is going to have to get done anyway but it’s easy for our wardrobe planning to go right out of the window and we sacrifice our own wants and desires to the happiness of others.  And that is the heart of Christmas, sacrificial, bounteous, gracious overwhelming, overflowing LOVE.  However love, especially love within our families can be draining and require our all, and in those moments when we are drained, when the presents aren’t completely wrapped and the kitchen preparations are not yet finished and you’ve tidied up for what feels like days and the house still feels messy, in those moments you are not going to want to think about what to wear to look glamourous, you’re going to want to cancel Christmas.

Christmas is not supposed to be all about the stress and the todo list and the achieving of the impossibly.  It is a time when we should be able to stop the daily routine, if only for a little while, to give thanks for who we are and where we are. It is not a time to take on the burden of the family martyr.  Arise and let your light shine ladies.  Your families want to see you enjoying yourselves, they don’t really care about what time you eat, or how long the turkey is taking.  They want you.

You don’t have the respond to what is going on around you, you can choose to be you

Christmas can be a time of tension, often unspoken but evident

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