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So how was the Jubilee weekend for you?  I looked at this mass of people all out to have a good time and to celebrate our heritage.  I thought how, if left to our own devices the British people would navigate themselves out of financial disaster simply by rolling their sleeves up and getting on with it.  This led me to thinking about buying British.  The world really does come to us via the High Street.  But do we have a responsibility to buy British, to support home grown talent and workers and boost our economy?

If we are going to roll up our sleeves, let’s roll them up with Hilditch & Key.  They still manufacture in Scotland, and source fabric from the UK and Europe:

Clarissa. Black Stripe.

 Now I know what you are going to say.  You are going to talk about price, so I will counter your ‘cheaper on the high street’ cry with two words: value and volume: Value says expensive is one thing but good value is another.  Volume says you can only wear so many clothes so why not wear the best that you possibly can?
I have known Isobel Davies of Izzy Lane for many years and she produces clothes made from the wool of sheep she has rescued.  The wool is then woven or knitted into the most lovely British-made garments:

Stewart Parvin is just one of a handful of designers who make couture clothing for individual clients as well as producing their own seasonal collections:
Stewart also produced a bridalwear collection, and while we are on the subject, why not buy British with your wedding dress? There are so many home grown designer talents that it seems a shame to have to import one.  I have always enjoyed Juliet Poyser’s designs and the quality of the work, from businesses such as hers, is second to none:
Collection: cofee lace
So there we have it: office wear, casual wear, formal wear and bridalwear all designed and made in Britain.  This is only the tip of the iceberg too.  Are we heading for a British manufacturing revival?  It would be lovely to think so.

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