Leather Tote

cream tote bag made of strips of leather woven together and long straps

A leather tote could be your best friend

Well, one of them

Summer even this summer when we are all at home

is still a busy time for shoving things in a bag

Food babies toys phone chargers child’s jumper

sunglasses wallet make up bag

The list is endless

It’s very easy to end up with a collection of bags

each with something else in that you have collected on the way today

So instead of doing that

Have a stylish leather tote bag

and put it all in there instead

I seem to be an object magnet

Like I’m orbiting in space and objects are becoming attracted to my magnetic field

and orbiting around me

Part of our success in life is navigating through it

not dominating it, but finding a way through

Navigating object magnet syndrome (OMS!) is navigating through

Having a stylish bag to put everything in is perfect

You can have more than one

But start with one and see how it goes

For everything to be as simple, straightforward and as stylish as possible

keep the tote as simple in design as possible

Tote bags don’t have buckles tags belts or zips

they are simple structures

I love the (p)leather option

so stylish

Should you use it as a replacement handbag?

I don’t think so

The danger is objects can get dumped in there and left

Whereas the tote bag should be like international baggage transfer

just passing through


You could use it for the supermarket

Just put your wallet in and off you go

But apart from that keep it separate from your handbag

There are loads of different types for sale

Keep it near the front door or in the car

so you don’t have to think about where it is before you need it

Instead of looking like the bag lady

You’ll look like the grown up woman you are

Navigating life well having a great day and enjoying yourself

because you’ve got a stylish bag to put everything in

So often it’s the small things that make the biggest difference

Try this one and see for yourself


cream tote bag made of strips of leather woven together and long straps


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