How to Plan Your Spring Wardrobe – Spring Coat

How do you plan your spring wardrobe so that it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing, you will always have something to wear …. the days to come are going to be changeable, if you are in the northern hemisphere that is, or rather if you are not in an equatorial region.  Some days will be unseasonably warm, others will feel like a return to winter.  How to plan your wardrobe so that you always have someting to wear that feels right?

Firstly, if you take the train to work and spend most of your day in an office the weather may be less of a factor than if you do a school run, travel to work, are out and about for work/visiting customers or suppliers for example or attending meetings with exterior business partners.  However, to a certain extent, we all spend time anticipating what the weather is doing, so here is my list of clothes in your wardrobe which ensures you will always have something appropriate to wear.

Being appropriately dressed, that is, wearing clothes which make you feel comfortable and at ease because you are neither too warm nor too cold is the most relaxing way to conduct one’s day.  Flying by the seat of one’s pants (not an attractive picture) being too hot or too cold, is not relaxing and will not make you feel comfortable.  Anyway here is the list:


Spring wardrobe

Spring Coat – lightweight wool

[when is it appropriate to leave black tights behind?]

2 pairs dark opaque lights

5 pairs sheer barely black tights

3 pairs nude tights

1 pair patterned tights

1 pair camel/cream/beige shoes/courts

1 pair black courts or equivalent

The trick is to not entirely leave black behind just yet and to not embrace white please, even on really warm days.  In fact it’s too early for sandals [when is fnie for sandals?].  Loving dresses as I do, lighter weight fabrics help transition lighterweight silk dress, with a petticoat, tights and a jacket will be warm, but layers can come off.  Light weight black suit with paler top, white, cream or pastels.  Pair darker colours with pastels, navy blue and grey look great with lemon yellow, brown looks gorgeous with pale blue, black with many colours as you know.  Pace yourself, don’t go full on summer colours.  Fur and velvet can be put away during march.  Keep out a wool scarf and a pair of gloves but also keep a hat out suitable for work, for cold days or frosty starts.  Other accessories: umbrella, sunglasses.

Other thoughts chiffon, satin skirts with jumper can look fab.


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