Happy Habits

Background image of moisturiser bottles intended to show the power of habit

Habits are great

Habit not willpower is they key to success

My problem with habits is the time it takes to intentionally create one

I just want to go to the habit shop, buy a habit for whatever I need

Take it home, unwrap it, and do it

Job done

No thinking required

Unfortunately (for me) habits have to be created intentionally

The intentional bit is the bit that helps form the habit

So the act of creating it is also creating it if you see what I mean

As an example

you might say

For work I am always going to wear a dress

This will work fine as long as you have a dress to hand and don’t run out

What happens when all the dresses need cleaning

Had you planned to get a couple cleaned to have ready

The weather changes

Do you have warm weather dresses to hand

or are all your clothes designed for cold weather

In order to always wear a dress for work

you need to develop the habit of the routine

I spend lots of time writing about habit and routine

mainly because I need it myself

and hope to help others with what I myself have desperately needed

You can change anything about your life

if you are willing to change your habit to help you get there

How do you want to look every day

You just need to develop a habit to get you there.

Background image of moisturiser bottles intended to show the power of habit

In a blog post I wrote on positive body image I wrote about the power of habit.  If you’d like to read the full post on positive body image and read more on how to develop easy ways to develop habits in your life it’s available here.

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