Friday to Saturday wardrobe transition

Either during the week we are working and then on Saturday we are at home, or we are at home all week and then on Saturday we are at home (with variations of the two available).  The transition to the weekend is hard even though it is what we look forward to all week, we re-engage with partner, husband, children, parents, friends.  Our working clothes are put away and we can be left feeling quite vulnerable.  Even if you are at home all week, there is still a transition from Friday to Sunday.

Plan for that transition

Even though you’re going into jean, plan for it anyway.  Put out the jeans the night before, with a nice top and cardigan or jacket.  The mental act of doing this helps you feel more security aground your circumstances, and gets you into the weekend mode really well.  Similarly if you are in jean all week, put out a clean pair on Friday night, and at lest you will go into Monday feeling great.


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