Wardrobe Emotions

Emotional management Styling Tips Wardrobe emotions image of the sand with a heart scored into the wet sand and a wave on the sea shore

I wish I’d known about emotional management sooner

I thought you just had thoughts and had to cope with them

I thought if you woke up anxious and fearful and upset

you just had to deal with the day like that

I had no idea you could tell your brain what to do

Maybe the grown ups don’t know either

so they didn’t tell us

Then I realised that emotional management applies in all area of our lives

especially so in our wardrobes

Track your thoughts about your clothes when you look at them

hanging there all innocently

Life is interesting when you track your thoughts

sometimes we have no idea about the script that is running in the background

So often we’re not kind to ourselves

and we don’t say anything helpful or constructive

This happens with clothes

You look at a pair of jeans

and think

They are too small

This means I am too fat

I’ve eaten too much

Will I ever lose that weight

Then you look at a dress and think

I really love that but I think my bust is too big to wear it

Such a shame it was really expensive

Can you see what I mean

It’s so ridiculous

I mean they’re just clothes

and your wardrobe is supposed to house clothes that you wear

not emotions that don’t help in any way at all

I’ve written a long blog post about this

which you can read here:

Why there are more emotions in your wardrobe than clothes

Emotional Management Styling Tips Wardrobe emotions image of the sand with a heart scored into the wet sand and a wave on the sea shore

I’ve created a cheat sheet for you to easily journal about your clothes

and your relationship to them

Some people

and you may be one of them

struggle to connect their thoughts

It’s so easy to stay on auto pilot

and not examine what you are thinking

This cheat sheet will help you think your thoughts

If you want to live the life of your dreams

show up each day loving being you

be authentically you in this world where you can choose to be anyone

but where we often choose to be noone because the choice seems overwhelming

then get started today with some journaling

You may just surprise yourself

and take that fork in the road that moves you on to being the woman you are created to be

Download it here:

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