Creating a capsule wardrobe

Creating a capsule wardrobe woman in a floating knee length dress and beret working frocks

The idea behind creating a capsule wardrobe

is to free up your time and your brain

from preoccupation with what to wear

while looking great, your best even

Take away everything you don’t need

pare your wardrobe back to essential, loved beautiful garments

then wear the best

That’s all you need

Get rid of those clothes that don’t fit

that you don’t like or

are in any way a compromise

Be brave

You’ll be glad to be brave

Every woman who shines out and looks stunning

has got rid of all that she does not need

Creating a capsule wardrobe leaves you nowhere to hide

No more hiding in clothes that don’t do you justice

Wear those clothes and shine out

We love the idea of creating a capsule wardrobe

the appeal is so enticing

But are we brave enough to go there

Are we brave enough to ditch our comfort clothes

to get rid of what might be good

in order to go for great, amazing and awesome

What stops us from going there

from looking unique

from being brilliant

Even short people can suffer from tall poppy syndrome

Is it fear we will be pulled back

cut down to size

Who does she think she is

Well who do you think you are

That capsule wardrobe stands between two thoughts

What do they think of me and

what do I think of myself

Only concentrate on the latter

the former is none of your business

Take your time, journal, think

Remember that you are created to be awesome, talented, clever

Could you abandon everything in your wardrobe

that is a compromise

and really be who you are created to be

I’m not talking about creating a capsule wardrobe full of leggings and baggy teeshirts


I’m talking about wearing clothes

that fit your personality like a glove

Dip your toe in the water

Start to create a collection of clothes

that are uniquely you

You may be surprised by what you discover

and you may discover that being bold



feels like coming home

Creating a capsule wardrobe

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Wardrobe Journaling

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