Create 20 Moments of Wardrobe Joy

20 things to do to organise and enjoy your wardrobe

How to create 20 moments of wardrobe joy.

So, life in lockdown continues.

Today’s blog post is a list of 20 easy, fun things to do to organize and enjoy your wardrobe.

Tidying up, sorting, arranging are all super calming activities for the mind.  An added bonus is that, whenever you’ve tidied up, you feel lighter.  Freed up.

So you can regard this list as a type of wardrobe therapy.  Quick and easy wardrobe therapy!

Pick a few and spend the next hour on them.  Alternatively, work through the list from start to finish.

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So, here is the list:

  1. Turn all your hangers the same way
  2. Only have the same hanger type (all wood, all wire, all covered.  the exception would be all covered, you could have a few all covered as special hangers as long as the rest of your hangers are consistent)
  3. Reorder your hanging clothes – darkest to lightest, left to right.  Or by type: all dresses together, all skirts together.  Or by items that go together, shirts alongside trousers, blouses alongside suits.
  4. Have a favourite item hanging on display.  I love this one.  We all have items of clothing that we love but don’t wear very often.  Well, put it out on display. Enjoy it as an item in its own right that brings you joy.
  5. Sort your lingerie drawer by colour – pair pants and bras.  Throw away anything old, worn, with holes, that doesn’t fit.
  6. What!?  You don’t have a lingerie drawer?  Create a lingerie drawer now!  Make it beautiful.
  7. Create a shelf area in your wardrobe and display hats/bags/photos.  A wardrobe isn’t just to “stuff things in”.  When you open that door, you should LOVE what you see.
  8. Line all drawers with scented papers.  In fact any paper.  Make it beautiful.
  9. Make homemade lavender bags.  We are currently all in lockdown.  What else do you have to do 😉
  10. Refold all tops on shelves/in drawers.  Order all your folded items.  Then arrange by colour.  Store away unseasonal items.
  11. Buy new handkerchiefs.  Keep one in your handbag.  It just makes you feel organised.  Such an easy win.  One hour’s worth of therapy in a tiny cotton square!
  12. Clean all shoes.  (by the way, with this list, I am totally preaching to myself.  Especially with this item.)
  13. Pair shoes, tidy, have one favourite pair on display.
  14. Prepare tomorrow’s outfit now.  Yes, even if it’s jeans.  Yes, even if you’re working from home. again.  In fact, especially if you’re working from home. again.
  15. Prepare accessories for tomorrow now.
  16. Decide on your sleepwear style: romantic? sexy?  girl next door? fold all lingerie, throw anything away that isn’t your style.  Spritz the drawer with your favourite fragrance.
  17. Find a piece of jewellery that you love but haven’t worn for a while.  Wear it every day for the next week.
  18. Take everything out of your wardrobe – hoover, wipe down surface, polish – put everything back.
  19. Gift a piece of jewellery to a younger family member.
  20. Imagine your wardrobe is an art exhibition arrange your clothes in a way that lifts your heart.  You could have a dress out on display with accessories.  Or your favourite hat out for all to see.  Or it could be in your wardrobe.  Have everything looking organised and inviting.

I hope you have enjoyed our quick sprint through tidying up your wardrobe.


Finally, here is a version of this blog post to pin on your Pinterest board or to save and keep:

20 moments of wardrobe joy - how to organise and enjoy your wardrobe

Did you find this useful?  What one item on the list did you enjoy the most?  I look forward to your comments.

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Have a great day, Sarah

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