Between New Year and Spring


4 Seasons in 1 Day – How to always dress amazingly well

Dressing well is a visual art form which arises out of this one ability: to know yourself.  To know and understand yourself frees you up to be the person you are meant to be and out of that comes a clear picture of what you want to wear and how you want to wear it.

Help and Advice to dress well – Wardrobe advice from Working Frocks

Help is available to you from the workingfrocks.com website on the way to knowing and understanding yourself  in the wardrobe department.  In fact Working Frocks exists to help in all things dress.  We can’t give relationship or career advice but we can say that if you are better dressed you’re going to feel better about yourself and potentially make better decisions for yourself…  anyway back to the point of this blog which is to talk about dress well in tricky times.

It’s easy to dress well on a really cold day or a really warm day, but what about those inbetween days?  For many of us the weather sees to be composed of inbetween days, certainly in the UK and other part of the northern hemisphere.  So we have introduced a small collection of inbetween season dresses.  Imaginatively called “Between New Year and Spring” they are a few dresses which will see you through those inbetween days, give you something new to wear in your wardrobe at a time when you may be bored by seeing the same clothes staring at you day in day out, and are guaranteed that you will wear them at other times throughout the year so represent a great investment in your wardrobe.

Berkeley, for example, could be worn around Christmas and can equally be worn right now with nude tights. Made in wool crepe it’s going to keep you warm right now but it’s lightweight enough to wear in these slightly warmer, variable temperatures.

St James’s equally is a lightweight wool outfit, so you can wear it now or wear it and then wear it again in early Autumn, so you really will be able to fill those inbetween days all year round.

Hampstead is a great dress.  We first trialled it in the summer with a pink print that looked great, so you will probably see it in other fabrics throughout the year.  It’s so easy to wear.  At this time of year you could layer it up with a long sleeve teeshirt underneath, black tights and boots.  By the end of March you could wear it with lighter coloured tights and more Spring-like shoes, chunky inbetween sandals or something funky and it would look equally great.

Finally, Gillian.  A black suit is always going to be useful.  This one is in light weight satin back crepe, so it’s not the heaviest of fabrics.  This means that on the coldest of winter days you will need to wear a coat over the top.  However, on those inbetween days it is perfect on its own, maybe just team it with a scarf or shawl and you are good to go.

Soon enough the warm days will return, but in the meantime you have Working Frocks options available to you.  And when the iffy days return inbetween the good days, you’ll have something great to wear without a second thought.

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